Fluorite Crystals For Sale!
Fluorite crystals come in a rainbow of exciting colors! It can form in massive (rock) form, Clusters and octahedron crystals. The “massive form” is often shaped into polished points, pyramids, spheres and wands. Fluorite has many healing properties. This fascinating mineral comes in a rainbow of colors – such as purple, green, blue, yellow and in rare cases colorless. Majestic Quartz only sells the very best grades of Fluorite, be it in cluster or polished form – we strive to bring you there very best in this exciting crystal! Healing wise – it helps bring chaos into order and cleans up miss-perceptions of the mind. Furthermore, It is a great crystal to have for “The Student”. This crystal has the amazing ability to blue print at an etheric and cellular level. On the cellular level it also increases the speed of cellular mitosis, so the new cells are created with the new blueprint. This has the effect of removing the old imperfections. Check out the further healing properties (look for the links to the different colors) at our sister site crystal-information.com – Healing Properties

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