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Why Buy a Crystal?

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Natural Art:

Crystal and Mineral specimens are literally the living embodiment of “Natural Art”. They are unique master sculptures crafted from nature – perfection personified!

Physical Attraction:

Some people have a natural curiosity for the crystals on a physical level, they may appreciate the mathematical purity of it, or simply just the colors, form and texture.

The thrill of the Hunt:

Some people start going out to the mines and rivers and collect their own specimens. This recreation is often started during childhood in family groups. These type of people are referred to as Rock Hounds. They have a deep appreciation for crystals and will often swap and buy from other rock hounds to increase their collections.


Some people who have a good eye for special specimens, buy crystals as an investment. Rare crystals will always be highly sought after.

Corporate display pieces:

Corporations have been known to hire and buy very large display specimens.

Environment beautification:

People buy crystals for beautification of homes, work areas, cafe’s, shops and many more. The beauty of a natural crystal will always surpass that of man made objects.


Landscape Gardeners appreciate the natural beauty only stone and crystal can provide, they go for large pieces of Rose Quartz or Garden Grade Quartz crystals. Strategically placed they never fail to impact visually while bringing a feeling of serenity to the surrounding area.

Feng Shui:

Energy aware people practice the ancient art of Feng Shui. They use crystals to bring balance and harmony to all types of environments.


Some people buy them as unique and rare gifts. Crystals often become heirlooms and such. The gift of a crystal is an everlasting gift of love.

Spiritual Growth:
More and more people are realizing that crystals are powerful tools for spiritual growth. Many experience life changing revelations, profound concepts and conscious expanding moments using crystals. They are valuable tools in the art of self transformation and alchemy.
Crystal Healing:

As crystals are becoming more mainstream in the treatment of ailments, more people are buying crystals to use for themselves their friends and other people in general.

Crystal Gridding:

Crystals can be used in energy grids for horticulture, properties, meditation or even crystal healing on and around oneself.

Earth Energy:

Humans have a electromagnetic system, a chakra system with energy ley-lines, so to, does the planet. Very large crystals called Earth Keepers are used within the planetary grid to do many tasks.


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