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Danburite Crystal Specimens For Sale!
We now have top quality Danburite crystal specimens for sale at Majestic Quartz. Our specimens are primarily gathered from the La Aurora Mine, Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The Danburite crystal specimens for sale at Majestic Quartz have superb rare pink color, while displaying incredible luster and gem like clarity! We have specimens available in our exclusive removable bases. Also in stock is a fantastic Range of both Danburite pendants with Sterling Silver plated fittings. We also make Danburite Pendants and earring sets – also with Sterling Silver plated fittings. For Crystal healing and properties information regarding Danburite, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Danburite Section Video

Danburite has all of the following qualities...

    • Connects the Emotional Heart and Physical Mind. This helps one make sound decisions using both the logic of the mind and the love and ethics of the heart.
    • Helps one connect to the Angelic realm, and call them to your side in times of urgent need.
    • Helps with Liver detoxification, fights cancer cell growth, strengthens skeletal structure, and fortifies the immune system - especially when used in elixir form.
    • Assists with adapting to change and increases ones intuition.
    • Provides both crystal protection, while charging and protecting ones aura.
    • Helps keep one self unaffected by others problems and issues, while allowing you the empathy to offer them help, love and assistance.

Danburite Crystal Healing Properties and Meaning Video

  For healing information regarding Danburite Crystal healing properties and meaning, please visit our sister sites Danburite Properties information page at