Natural Citrine

Cynthia A – USA – Polished Blue Angel Feathers Citrine

Cynthia A – USA – Polished Blue Angel Feathers Citrine
Hi Anthony, I always love getting stones from you because they are so much prettier than they look on the website, and they look amazing on the website!!  The galena with the rosettes is stunning.  I am waiting to get home to see the angel wings.

Jack Berenstein – USA – Cathedral Quartz

Jack Berenstein – USA – Cathedral Quartz
My name is Jack I live in southern California, many thousands of miles away from Majestic Crystals.The first Purchase I made was hard for me, I never bought anything over the Internet, let alone so far away. After about 6 e-mail's back and forth with Anthony ( one of the owners) of Majestic crystals, I was convinced that they were a legitimate company and had all the crystals that I really liked and could not find else where..After the first purchase a large elestial and a large cathedral, I was very surprised. I found the quality to be excellent, much nicer then the picture could depict.Since then I have bought over thirty pieces from them and could not be any happier. It takes only about a week for the shipment, and the incredible crystals arrive at my door. So you have nothing to lose by ordering. The service is excellent, the crystals are awesome, and the price can't be beat anywhere. You will be happy you did, I know I am.

Natural Citrine For Sale

Natural Citrine is a fairly rare crystal and when found, is a treasured friend! Nearly all Citrine sold on the world market is in-fact baked Amethyst. Here at the Majestic Quartz Website, we ONLY sell genuine natural Citrine. This crystal can take many forms, Elestial, Cathedral, Cascading, Clusters and more. Citrine also combines with Smoky Quartz, referred to as Smoky Citrine and Amethyst in order to form Ametrine.

Place Citrine on your Solar plexus when tired or in need of a energy boost. It is especially good for hands on healers to help themselves recuperate. Citrine Quartz Crystals are very powerful bodily organ cleansers and have strong rejuvenation properties. The Citrine crystals found in this section are suitable for making a very powerful all round elixirs. In conclusion, This amazing crystal can be of benefit to each and everyone of us!

Want more information regarding Citrine Crystal healing properties? Please visit our sister site – Citrine Properties

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