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Colombianite For Sale!
Here at Majestic Quartz, we have full time staff based in Colombia searching for the very best specimens to bring to you the customer! Our Colombianites are top grade and very, very competitively priced.

Colombianite is technically a pseudotektite. Their appearance is similar to tektites so they are known as a pseudotektite, however they are actually a rare obsidian that was formed by a powerful volcanic eruption which threw molten magma into the sky and then solidified into volcanic glass as it fell.

Colombianite holds deep significance within the cultural heritage of the Colombian Indians, particularly among the Muisca tribes. Referred to by the indigenous people as “Piedra Rayo,” translating to “Stone of Lightning” or “Light Stone,” this precious gemstone is closely associated with divine origins. In the spiritual practices of Colombian shamans. Colombianite plays a pivotal role, serving as a conduit for communicating with the divine and facilitating prophetic visions.

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Colombianite is also known as Piedra Rayo Stone.

More scientific information regarding Colombianite can be found at the link below.