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The Super Crystals
Tourmaline comes in all colors of the rainbow! They can range from opaque right through to being completely transparent. The healing properties are abundant as they are electromagnetic crystals, so work particularly well with human physiology. This special crystal family are well suited to using to make elixirs and other vibrational remedies. The energy of Tourmaline changes from color to color. However, a common thread of energy among all colors is the ability to help one break through all manner of blockages. These Crystals also channel clear and precise energy, be that conscious thought, manifestation or helping to interface our spiritual bodies. This family of minerals are “Super Crystals” that blow away all preconceived limits! Check out the crystal healing properties for the different colors at our sister site – Tourmaline propertiesGreen propertiesRubelite properties Indicolite propertiesBlack Schrol propertiesWatermelon properties

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