Ki-Ora (Hello) from New Zealand!

Welcome to Majestic Quartz. I became interested in crystals 24 years ago & started collecting and working with them. I migrated to selling them 1 year later. I then started up Majestic Quartz on the Internet in February of 1998, and since then, it has been full speed ahead! (albeit a wee break in 2008/9).

The aim initially, was to provide crystals at a price people in New Zealand could afford. With the wonders of technology, I’m able to offer the same service to the rest of the planet via the internet!

Majestic Quartz is committed to making available these wonders of the Earth to people at the best price possible, without compromising quality!

Majestic Quartz is situated in a quiet rural New Zealand township. We are surrounded by beautiful ranges valleys and pockets of beautiful native forest.

We feel Quartz crystals play a very integral part in mankind’s conscious evolution and thus are greatly honored to be a part of that process. We take our duties seriously, yet take time to enjoy laughter and light with much love along life’s journey. We are very honored to be able to help others do the same.

We feel that each person can have a unique experience with a crystal. They may unlock secrets hidden within awaiting for just that right time to come out. This experience is then humanized so to speak and are released into the ethers being added to the general consciousness pool. Other sensitive people may then pick up on these revelations and translate it to others via the written word and word of mouth. Just to look upon the crystal and smile and wonder at it’s beauty is to CO-create a piece of happiness and joy that did not exist in the world prior. Do not hesitate to believe that each little experience is in fact a great service to the planet as a whole.

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