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Elestial Crystals

Elestial Crystals For Sale!
Here at Majestic Quartz – the Elestial Crystals for sale are a cherished specialty! We take pride in offering to you the very best in these crystals for sale from the angelic realms. You will find many otherwise unobtainable families of Elestial Quartz and often newly discovered featuring on our website first. Elestial Crystals are also called Crocodile, Jacare, Hopper, Fenster and Skeletal Quartz – whew! Elestial Quartz crystals often have clay and moving water bubble inclusions trapped between the skeletal “layers”. The water inclusions are termed as being enhydros. These special crystals are found in countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Mexico and more, They can form in Smoky, Clear, Citrine, Smoky/Citrine and Amethyst Quartz flavors! It gives us great pleasure to be able to assist you on your transformational journey into the reams of the Angels with Elestial Quartz crystals. For further information regarding Elestial Quartz Crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Elestial Healing Properties information page at

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