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Cathedral Crystals

Quartz Cathedral Crystals For Sale!
Lightbrary Cathedral crystals enable you to access Libraries of light stored within them! In addition, They have distinct castle like form and many have triangle doorways in among the castling definition. As an aside, these beautiful crystals are also known as Atlantean Temple Quartz Crystals. One can access the information inside through many means, be it meditation or astral traveling within. One may access the libraries of light by astral traveling through the doorways or by holding it in your hands. You will find Cathedral Quartz Crystals come in three main flavors. These flavors are Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and NATURAL Citrine Quartz and on occasion, Smoky/Citrine variations. In conclusion, We here at Majestic Quartz are honored to be able to be in a position to offer you these beautiful beings of light and wisdom. For more information regarding Cathedral Quartz Crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Cathedral Quartz Properties information page at

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