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Pounamu (Nephrite Jade) Pendants for Sale

Being based in New Zealand, we get asked for Pounamu Pendants from time to time. The New Zealand Pounamu market is quite complex with many pieces not being genuine New Zealand Nephrite Jade, and many pieces that are genuine have been made with a mass produced cookie cutter mindset. The Pounamu central hub in New Zealand is a town called Hokitika. We finally traveled there and scoured the area for a carver we felt put their heart and soul into each piece they create. We found just such a carver in the form of Rex Scott. More than 90% of our items have been created by Rex. We will state on each items sales page if it has been carved by Rex. To learn more about Rex, scroll to the bottom of this page for further information.

In short, were we to gift a beautiful Nephrite Jade Pendant from New Zealand to family or friends – these are the beautiful pendants we would select from ourselves.

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About Rex

From a young age, Rex spent a lot of time in nature. He entered the military and was trained in the art of tracking. Later Rex would put these skills to great use in tracking down incredible examples of Nephrite Jade in New Zealand!

Rex feels nature needs to be taken notice of, it has a story that needs to be read, interpreted and explored with an open mind.

Rex takes great care to interpret the characteristics of the stone, to match these to the final result in sculptured form.
Events in the creation of jade write their own story.
Jade is the evidence left behind, a story waiting to be told. Over the total life cycle of jade it is worn completely away into the sands of time, Rex feels that it's story needs to be captured now while it is still available for carving.

The very secrets of nature can be found in the jade. Rex taps these secrets, then puts much Love into the jade, which absorbs this beautiful energy. Rex finds, and selects each stone, connecting with it's spirit to interpret it's final carved form. He does so in a beautiful space, unencumbered by what has come before - each piece has it's own spirit, it's own story to tell, and Rex lets these stories flow into the beautiful sculptures they come to be.

We will leave you with Rex's own words regarding the Jade he reveres and Loves so much. "Jade is old, and tough - it has tolerance of heat, it has truth in it's edge and compassion in it's smoothness. Jade has and will always be a companion stone of humanity."