White Wisdom Quartz

White Wisdom Quartz Crystals are a key part of upgrading the human consciousness pool. They need to spread around the planet now in order to release their ancient Angelic wisdom, so that it may permeate through human consciousness into the general population. It matters not that we do not necessarily know the meaning and details of this information being released, the important part is that the information is being released in the first place! The crystals themselves know and regulate the information released by the vibration of their surroundings, by this I do not mean the room or house they reside in, but rather the whole neighborhood, communication networks, cell sites, TV stations and such. They actively monitor every vibration they are exposed too and will respond with preset instructions keyed into them by the Angelic realm. White Wisdom Quartz healing properties are very close to Milky Quartz healing properties. Check out the Milky Quartz Crystal healing properties on our sister site crystal-information.com – Milky Quartz Properties

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