Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz For Sale!
At Majestic Quartz, we take great delight in being able to offer only the very best Tangerine Quartz crystals for sale! We well these special crystals in both cluster and points form. This family of quartz crystals are most often found in both Brazil and Madagascar. The Madagascar location has been known to produce truly spectacular clusters! Majestic Quartz often has these Tangerine Quartz Crystal Clusters for sale! The points often have both future and past time links, Isis, and channeling windows on the terminations! They often display great clarity along with their spectacular color! This family of Quartz has been exposed to iron over a long period in it’s growth cycle which therefore gives them the gorgeous tangerine coloring! They are excellent for grounding energy into the sacral chakra. This quartz family make for very powerful elixirs! For more information regarding this crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Tangerine Quartz Properties information page at crystal-information.com

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