Quartz Clusters

Quartz Clusters For Sale!
As our name would suggest, we take our Quartz seriously – We only stock the very best Quartz Clusters for sale! We gather the Quartz Clusters from many countries from around the World! Countries such as Brazil, China, Madagascar, New Zealand, The United States and more! We stock many flavors of Quartz Clusters for sale – such as Clear, Smoky, Citrine, Amethyst and included varieties! Quartz Clusters are made up of many individual Quartz Crystal Points. They throw this beautiful energy all around a room. They can be used to charge other crystals by placing the smaller crystals on the cluster. Clusters are also very good for using in group meditation sessions to bring groups of people together to share information both as individuals and as a collective. For more information regarding Quartz Cluster healing properties, please visit our sister sites Quartz Cluster Properties information page at crystal-information.com

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