New Zealand Quartz

As Majestic Quartz is located in New Zealand, we are proud to be able to provide some of the best Quartz available from our country. New Zealand Quartz mostly forms in clusters that have a milky Quartz Matrix. The Crystal points on the clusters have a milky base that progressively goes to clear quartz at the termination tip. Quartz is not mined in New Zealand at a commercial level, so all the Quartz we have on offer here has been gathered by enthusiasts that take good care to extract them in a loving and ethical manner. New Zealand Quartz has a youthful exuberant energy about them – along with a strong sense of unspoiled purity. These exact same Quartz crystal families are trademarked under a different name and sold on other websites with “authenticity certificates” – but rest assured, the very best New Zealand Quartz that is the “Real Deal” can be found right here at Majestic Quartz! Check out the New Zealand Quartz Crystal healing properties on our sister site – New Zealand Quartz Properties

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