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Howlite For Sale!
Top quality Howlite For Sale at Majestic Quartz – We do not stock dyed Howlite, We only stock the natural white variety in carvings, spheres, wands, and points! This stone is a member of the Inoborates family. It comes in white with seams of shiny silver grey. It is most famous for being dyed blue and then called Turquoise! The stone Howlite helps with communication and helps one’s need to be courteous and polite. It is a soothing stone to have when having to deal with conflict of any all types. It raises awareness of one’s actions and their effect upon others. It is the stone of diplomacy. This stone has an impressive ability to minimize stress, and calm and soothe the nervous system. Place a piece on your third eye when these properties are required. Put a piece of Howlite under your pillow and let its calming, beautiful energy bring you a restful, peaceful sleep.

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