General Operational Questions

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How do you do your crystal photos?

We take great pride in the crystal photos we take here at Majestic Quartz. Our passion to share the crystals majesty with you shines through the photos we provide. I sincerely believe that we as a Website go further than any other to help you form a relationship with the crystal through cyberspace. We use specialist lights that duplicate the same light wave spectrum as natural sunshine. (5.500K)

If course, we can not possibly allow for the different graphics cards and computer screens people have! We use a monitor utilizing IPS so we at least adhere to and industry standardized system. So in short – as long as you have a reasonable graphics card and monitor that are suitably adjusted and in good condition, the colors in the photos will at least be in the ball park.

Do you sell man made crystals?

No, We do not sell man made crystals such as Austrian glass and such. The closest we get to doing so is our range of Goldstone, which is made from natural materials and are smelted in combination. All other crystals and minerals sold on our site are not altered or faux.

Do you sell color altered crystals?

No! We do not sell irradiated or dyed crystals.

Updates & Crystal Recommendations

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Is there a specific time the site is updated?

No, as we are selling to an international market, we feel it is only fair we update at random times to give everyone a fair shot at the new additions. We tend to add new items over several days, then send a newsletter out alerting subscribers to the new crystals. Visit the sites Latest Updates Page regularly to get in first on amazing new crystals!

How can I be notified when you update?

The best way is to subscribe to our newsletter

I'm having trouble choosing, do you make recommendations?

Yes, on request we can advise on your crystal needs. We also work well with price and size guidelines supplied by yourself. We also enjoy helping you choose gifts for friends.

I do not see what I am looking for, do you have other crystals available?

We display most of our crystals on the Website. However, we do have other crystals waiting in our update cycle to come on the site. So feel free to send crystal availability e-mail request through to

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