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Carnelian For Sale
Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony family. It is not very common at all. Unfortunately this leads to most of the material being sold on the world market as Carnelian – actually being heated Agate. Here at Majestic Quartz, we only have real Carnelian for sale! Our items are mostly from Madagascar, but occasionally rare specimens from New Zealand too. It comes in a range of colors from light to dark orange in addition to rich red tinges as well! Furthermore, quite often this amazing mineral forms crystal caves/vugs within. Thus when it is shaped some items have breath taking caves of sparkling crystals within. Within energetic levels – this is a stone of courage and is great for cleansing blood. It is very good for helping one to beat addiction by giving will power and a desire to strive for betterment of the self. This special mineral helps with pregnancy, especially in the areas where the placenta is involved. For information regarding this crystals healing properties, please visit our sister sites Carnelian Healing Properties information page at

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