Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz For Sale!
Phantom Quartz crystals are all about growth and moving on, moving past blockages. On a physical level, these crystals are created when another substance other than quartz washes over the crystal. This leaves a layer on the termination during the crystals natural growth cycle. The crystal then continues to grow leaving an image of itself where it was at the time the substance washed over it! Phantom quartz can be made up of such minerals as Chlorite, Hematite or even Clay. On occasion heat can play a part causing a phantom to be visible through a different color shade. Most often either Smoky or Amethyst can display these heat induced types of Phantom. The most powerful phantom configurations are termed as being 3D. This is where the substance has totally covered the entire termination, leaving a 3D image rather than if the substance had only covered one side or face of the termination. Phantom crystals are very good for helping us move past blockages, where we may of become “stuck”. The type of inclusion that makes up the phantom also plays a part in the gifts that these special crystals have. They can also be used to project growth and planning milestones.

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