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Shungite For Sale
Here at Majestic Quartz we only stock the very best Shungite for sale! Whether you would like mineral specimens, wands, pyramids or spheres, we have you covered! Shungite is from the country of Russia. The largest deposit is from the Lake Onega region of Karelia, at Zazhoginskoye, near Shunga, with another lot found at Vozhmozero. Two smaller occurrences have been discovered in Russia, one in Kamchatka in volcanic rocks and the other formed by the burning of spoil from a coal mine at high temperature in Chelyabinsk. We stock the varieties of Shungite for sale that is said to be over two billion years old! Shungite Healing properties include the cleansing of the major bodily organs, EMF protection, Purification of mind, body and spirit. Shungite has electrical conductivity, which boosts it’s healing properties and helps transfer these properties to the body physical. This stone is very helpful as a protection stone – reflecting away negative energy in all it’s forms.

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