Included Quartz Pendants

Included Quartz Pendants For Sale!
Here at Majestic Quartz, we supply a huge range of Included Quartz Pendants For Sale! Through the course of our purchasing many varieties of these special crystals, we have always targeted smaller specimens as well. These smaller sizes are perfect for us to be able to manufacture into wearable natural art! The vast varieties of Included Quartz Pendants For Sale include… Rutilated, Chlorite included, Limonite, Tourmaline, Amphibole, and many, many more! We make and stock both natural and polished Included Quartz Pendants for sale. We use top quality 925 Stirling silver fittings for our pendants. This is because only the best will do for these beautiful wonders of nature! The definition for natural that we use is completely left alone bar the fitting. – and not cut and polished outside of the fitting itself. If you would like to read up on the metaphysical properties of Included Quartz and the many varieties, please visit our sister site call Crystal Information. Here is a direct link to the Included Quartz page.

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