Milky Quartz

Milky Quartz Crystals For Sale!
Majestic Quartz only stocks the very best Milky Quartz Crystals For Sale Milky Quartz is generally White Quartz (also known as White Wisdom Quartz at Majestic Quartz). The milkiness is created by many, many bubbles of un-solidified Quartz inside the crystal. Majestic Quartz gathers these special crystals from all over the globe. Including countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, New Zealand and China. We sell Milky Quartz in Points (especially Cascading/candle stick/pineapple Quartz), Clusters and druzy clusters from New Zealand also known as Sauralite. On the metaphysical front, Milky Quartz crystals have a very motherly nurturing energy that bursts forth with creativity and amazing information. Some Milky Quartz crystals are known to clear out and then regain their milky appearance as they inhale and exhale information! For information regarding Milky Quartz healing properties, please visit our sister sites Milky Quartz Healing Properties information page at

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