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This was my first order and I couldn't be more pleased. The stones are beautiful and the shipping was super fast. I will definitely be shopping here again.

Ramon Parareda

Hello Anthony, Today I have received the orange citrine elestial. It’s just fantastic. I cannot get my hands off of it and cannot stop looking at all the faces, edges, color..etc. Thank you very much. I also want to thank you for giving me the chance to get some crystals that otherwise i doubt i would have ever found them, not just for the prices but also because here they are not available.

Thank you again Best regards, Ramon Parareda

Tibetan Elestial Enhydro

Thank you so, so much for these wonderful new family members! This is our first enhydro crystal, and WOW...! We have lots of Tibetan quartz, and the energy from this one is so pronounced and magical! I feel it all through my back when the bubble moves, and it's so freakin' cool! That's to say nothing of all the great inclusions for the sake of brevity, haha.

The base is a super nice touch and the pāua shell is beautiful.


SHARI HRABEC – Smoky Quartz With Mica

First, the best customer service anywhere!!!
I have shopped here for years and I will tell you that you won't find such quality, unique and beautiful crystals anywhere. I tend to collect their elestials as all are fabulous, but one in particular, a large mica covered beauty is the ultimate stand out in my home, and once again you would not find this anywhere else. Prices are decent to low, and to the states it is usually only 9-12 days for delivery. Never had a broken one either!! Thank you Anthony and family for all you do.

Cynthia A – USA – Polished Blue Angel Feathers Citrine

Hi Anthony, I always love getting stones from you because they are so much prettier than they look on the website, and they look amazing on the website!!  The galena with the rosettes is stunning.  I am waiting to get home to see the angel wings.

Alan Palermo – Golden Hour Minerals

We have done business with Majestic Quartz for many years. I’m always impressed with quality and pricing. I can always count on specimens being nicer than their excellent photography. The owner is fair and honest. That combined with quality keeps us at goldenhourminerals.com keeps us coming back. Alan at Golden Hour Minerals

Smoky Amethyst Elestial

Hi! I am just over the moon with my new crystals! They are (all) exquisite, better even in person! Shipping was super fast and handled with SO much care in the packing. The best experience with any online purchase. The quality you are offering is A+++. Will happily return to your shop.
Many thanks!


Polished Citrine Quartz Crystal Point

Thank you so much for this beautiful crystal! It is exactly as photographed, and arrived in perfect condition. Also, your care in packing is appreciated, even putting a tiny covering over the tip to protect it. It is a pleasure being a client. Look forward to more. Best regards.


Lapis Unicorn

The lapis unicorn is fantastic- so much so that I couldn't wait until Christmas to share it with my lady. We love our new ancient kids, so thank you! Thank you so much!


Joy Reeske

Thank you for providing such quality crystals. The amethyst I received is beautiful with a wonderful feeling around it. The package came quickly so I didn't have to wait long either.


I am thoroughly impressed with my latest purchases, excellent quality minerals as always but the latest addition to my collection is outstanding. I bought two samples, one of them the big Smoky Quartz cluster. The high quality photos of my samples on the site certainly matched what I received, excellent packaging, and great delivery time to Australia. The video feature of some samples is an excellent idea and done well. I'll certainly be buying more samples!


Kathie Armstrong – USA – Tri-Color Elestial

The crystals and stones I received from you are nothing short of spectacular! Sadly, about 75% of the time when I order stones online, I'm at least a little (and occasionally a lot) disappointed in what I get. Every single piece I bought from you is indescribably beautiful. I would say they are exactly as pictured, but even though your pictures are excellent, they can't really do these stones justice. I am beyond pleased, and I look forward to many years doing business with you in the future. In particular, the Tri-color Elestial I bought is one of the most amazing things I've ever laid eyes on. There is no way any photographs or descriptions could come close to this piece - you have to hold it and look at it closely and run your hand over those incredible patterns. I'll never tire of looking at it. I just placed another order for two more pieces I had been drooling over. Thanks for having such incredible stones and crystals! And for selling them at an affordable price. I don't think I'll order from anyone else again.....

Cindy – USA – Galena With Quartz Cluster

I just wanted to let you know I got the crystals and they are beautiful!!  I especially liked the galena and laser wand piece.  (and they arrived all in one piece despite the fact that one corner of the box was completely smashed in.  good thing for bubble wrap..)

Jack Berenstein – USA – Cathedral Quartz

My name is Jack I live in southern California, many thousands of miles away from Majestic Crystals.

The first Purchase I made was hard for me, I never bought anything over the Internet, let alone so far away. After about 6 e-mail's back and forth with Anthony ( one of the owners) of Majestic crystals, I was convinced that they were a legitimate company and had all the crystals that I really liked and could not find else where..After the first purchase a large elestial and a large cathedral, I was very surprised. I found the quality to be excellent, much nicer then the picture could depict.

Since then I have bought over thirty pieces from them and could not be any happier. It takes only about a week for the shipment, and the incredible crystals arrive at my door. So you have nothing to lose by ordering. The service is excellent, the crystals are awesome, and the price can't be beat anywhere. You will be happy you did, I know I am.

Cynthia A – USA – Tourmanated Quartz

Hi Anthony, the crystals arrived yesterday and once again they are amazing!  I especially liked the rainbows in the tourmanated quartz.

Carnelian Flame

I just wanted to reach out and let you know, how pleased i was with the Carnelian Flames…
They were actually such a surprise!! i have learned to expect quality from you, but these were just breathtaking!

Thank you for your help with everything!

Washington DC

Kat – USA – Epidote Included Quartz Cluster

Hi Majestic Team,
You have the most amazing crystals and stones. Almost all of my "Wow" pieces have come from you!
I look forward to many happy years shopping with Majestic Quartz!

Diamantina Laser Wand

I received my Diamantina Laser Wand today! I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much!!! Awesome packing!!! I really appreciate the extra care you took in making sure the tip would arrive undamaged. I have had a couple of crystals ordered through eBay that arrived with theirs chipped off during the delivery process (the tiny chip was still in their package).
There are so many little triangles, but you have to really look for them to see them. I have found them on 3 faces by the tip. It's so interesting how it has all those cool etchings. If not for the etchings- I would swear that it looks polished! Such amazing clarity!
Again, thank you so much for this treasure!


Kathy Ball – USA – Chlorite Phantom Quartz

I just wanted to say hi and offer a huge thanks for the last shipment of rocks. I'm always so excited to get the box from Majestic and I revel in how much better the crystals look in person versus the pictures. The floater elestial was awesome and so unbelievably shiny. It seems like it is almost not of this world. The white milky DT quartz seemed so gentle as did the chlorite phantom. I've kind of got a thing for the chlorite phantoms.

Staci S

My first time purchasing from this site as I was searching to buy a New Zealand crystal, I came across Majestic Quartz and it seemed perfect for me! I live in NZ but never have been able to find a crystal dug from my own home and I finally am happy to say I have one now thanks to Majestic Quartz! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Not only that but it came very fast and also communication from the team was excellent - would definitely purchase plenty more crystal gems from this site thank you again so very much!!

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