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Polished Fluorite

Polished Fluorite For Sale
We at Majestic Quartz are huge Fluorite fans! Majestic Quartz take pride in being able to offer World class Polished Fluorite For Sale. We select on the very best in spheres, eggs, wands, palm stones, free forms, pendants and carvings in a large range of Fluorite colors. These colors include Purple, blue and green fluorite, along with combinations of these colors – called Rainbow Fluorite. This stone is reasonably soft, so lends it self well to cutting and carving. The tricky part is to get a good even polish on it. With that in mind, the polished Fluorite for sale at Majestic Quartz has been finely crafted and polished by true artisans of the craft! For metaphysical information regarding Fluorite, please visit our sister site at Crystal Information. To read more about this fantastic crystal and it’s many variations, just click on this LINK.

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