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The information provided on this site is offered on a as-is basis with no warranty or guarantee. The reader of this information assumes all risk from using the information herein provided on this Website.

The webmaster and Majestic Quartz LTD disclaim any and all liability from the information provided on this Website.

Any medical, health, psychological or any other information provided on this Website is not intended as a replacement for professional consultation with a Qualified health practitioner such as a qualified Doctor. No information on this site should be or is intended to treat or be used as a cure of any disease, or to be used for any specific diagnosis to any individual.

In short….

The crystal articles on this Website are from my own and other peoples experience, with a little bit of general information gleaned from books. Crystal healing is not a substitute for professional health care. If you are Ill you should seek an opinion of a health professional such as a Doctor.

In my humble opinion Crystals are a subtle yet powerful catalysts for change. They are heaven created tools of light. Amen!

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