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Vanadinite Crystal Specimens For Sale
Majestic Quartz stocks the very best specimens of Vanadinite for sale, at very good prices! We source our examples straight out of Touisset in Morocco. This location is World famous! It is widely acknowledged as one of the leading sites for this fascinating mineral. Vanadinite forms in red and orange hexagonal crystals. The high quality ones such as the Vanadinite crystal specimens for sale at Majestic Quartz have a high luster to them as well! These wonderful specimens grow in cluster form on a matrix which includes Barite. It is made up from such minerals as Vanadium, (for which it was named) and usually contains chlorine, oxygen, and lead. At the metaphysical level, Vanadinite is good for helping with asthma, and other resporatory ailments. Being red and orange it has a strong connection with both root and sacral chakras. With this in mind, it is good for giving one energy to “get things done”!

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