Colombian Quartz Pendants

Colombian Quartz Pendants For Sale

The Colombian Quartz Pendants for sale at Majestic Quartz are made right here in house, using the love and care these special crystals deserve.
Colombian Quartz is the most pure Quartz in the World. It runs at the very highest vibration is an absolute joy to wear. These amazing crystals are part of the “silver Light” family. This is to say that they have such a natural high luster to them that they reflect and radiate a silver mirror like light rays! These crystals are water clear and many have Lemurian Seed striations on them.
The crystals in these pendants remain natural. It is only the top that is polished to receive the Stirling Silver fittings. The rest of the crystal is completely natural as birthed from our gracious Earth Mother!
We source these crystals direct from the miners in Colombia. To this end we have a permanent staff member based in Colombia that inspects the mines and ensures all the crystals are sourced ethically and are of the very finest quality.

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Colombian Quartz Pendants