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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz For Sale
Here at Majestic Quartz we really prize non-radiated non-baked Smoky Quartz! Therefore we only sell the real deal natural Smoky Quartz For Sale! We like to keep a stock on clusters, points, elestials, skeletal and Morion Smoky Quartz For Sale. This beautiful crystal comes in many shades and clarity levels. In most cases, if light shines through the crystal, it means the crystal is still natural. However, please note there are some rare exclusions to this rule. Smoky Quartz has natural grounding properties and is excellent for grounding knowledge gained through meditation. This leads to the body physical better retaining this important information. It is a great crystal to use for protection. In addition to protection on the spiritual level, it can protect from electromagnetic fields on a physical level. It is a good idea to cleanse Smoky Quartz on a fairly regular basis. For more information regarding Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Smoky Quartz Properties information page at

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