Chlorite Included Quartz

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Chlorite Included Quartz Crystals For Sale!

Majestic Quartz stocks a wide range of Chlorite Included Quartz Crystals For Sale.
Chlorite Included Quartz Crystals have the mineral Chlorite inside and sometimes on the outside of them. On occasions the Chlorite can appear in the shape of a Phantom Quartz. Most often, Chlorite comes in the green color, but on occasion it can come in shades of white, yellow and pink! In very special circumstances, some phantom crystals can have alternate layers in both and pink coloring! The Chlorite Included Quartz Crystals for sale at Majestic Quartz mostly comes from Brazil, Madagascar and the Himalayas.

On the metaphysical level, Chlorite Included Quartz is good for cellular regeneration, cleansing and has strong anti cancer properties. This mineral helps the body absorb and make better use of nutrients.

For information regarding Chlorite Included Quartz healing properties, please visit our sister sites Chlorite Included Quartz Healing Properties information page at

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