Malachite for Sale!
Majestic Quartz has only the very best in polished and mineral specimens of Malachite for sale! Malachite is a member of the copper family. It comes in rich shades of green and it often has stunning bull’s eye patterns! We specialize is top grade Silky and Botryoidal specimens! Some of the Worlds best specimens come from Congo, Africa. We also stock polished Malachite for sale, often in eggs, spheres, pyramids, carvings and stunning free forms! Malachite often combines with other minerals such as Azurite and Chrysocolla. This stunning stone is renowned for drawing negative energy / trauma from affected areas – especially long term ones. It is good for bone and cellular regeneration. Malachite should not be cleansed or exposed to water for long periods of time as it will lose it’s luster and degrade over time. For information regarding Malachite healing properties, please visit our sister sites Malachite Healing Properties information page at

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