Crystal Descriptions, Grading and Dimension Attributes Explained

Our Crystal Descriptions

Here at Majestic Quartz we have a real passion for crystals. This is reflected in our descriptions. All Majestic Quartz crystals are hand picked by either Anthony or Charlotte. For this reason, the crystals at Majestic Quartz are all excellent examples of their kind.

In each crystal description we tend to concentrate on to the aesthetic properties of the specimen. At the end of most crystal descriptions we have provided a “Healing Property Tab” next to the Dimensions Tab. Due to our natural passion for crystals, we frequently use superlatives in our descriptions. Considering the crystals we write descriptions for each day, it is hard not to!

Majestic Quartz Grading Key

The following is a grading key we use in the descriptions of the crystals on Majestic Quartz.

1. Museum Grade – No damage what so ever. (VERY rare)

2. Excellent condition – Only minor damage visible under very close inspection.

3. Very Good Condition – Only minor damage visible under close inspection.

4. Good condition – Minor damage visible but does not detract from the overall look of the crystal.

5. Average condition – Has damage, but is still a nice crystal.

When it comes to Quartz crystals, the specimens that Charlotte and Anthony choose for Majestic Quartz, represent less than 1% of the crystals they see. Yes, Majestic Quartz standards are that high!

The Term “Natural” and How we Use It In Our Descriptions

Nearly all crystals we sell on Majestic Quartz are natural as they came from the earth. They may have been cleaned, but not altered or heat treated for color in any way. You may assume that every crystal that is not in our cut and polished sections is natural, unless otherwise stated – and that is rare as we stock very, very few non natural crystals.

Crystals in our cut and polished sections, and some jewelry items have also been cut and polished using natural crystals as their basis. As they have been changed by the cut and polishing process we do not generally use the term “Natural” in their descriptions – except in the case of Citrine. For Citrine we use the word natural in terms of color, in that it not heat treated Amethyst that many dealers pass of as being Citrine. So in short our cut and polished items have been created from natural crystal and stone unless otherwise stated.

If a crystal has any polished faces on its termination, we will notify of this in our description.

Dimensions Tab

Below the Description and photos you will find a Dimensions/Price/Code Tab with the following details.

Weight: We give the weight in both metric and imperial units. (We do not include the weight of the base to those crystals that come with them. We send the bases freight free, just another perk you get shopping with Majestic Quartz!

Size: We use both Inches and Centimeters. Where we can, we measure the length, width and depth of crystals. For spheres and such, we can only give the diameter. (We recommend you have a ruler handy when viewing the crystals. You may also wish to draw the dimensions onto a piece of paper for a more accurate idea of size.)

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