About The Crystal Bases at Majestic Quartz

We make bases for just about every natural Quartz crystal and mineral we sell.

The reason we do this, is so the aesthetic properties of the crystal specimen will stand out more prominently. The crystals can come alive noticeably when standing proudly in their stands.

We use modeling clay, which being a very grounding neutral energy will enhance rather than clash with the crystals energy.

Often, we inlay the bases with polished New Zealand Paua shell. New Zealand has the brightest form of Abalone shell in the world bar none.

We do not charge for the bases nor do we charge freight for them. These are just a few more bonuses you get when dealing with Majestic Quartz!

We use white modeling clay so people may dress them up if they so choose. We have painted many of our personal ones gold for instance. We know other people have painted them as to look like matrix and such and they look great! The stands/bases may also be decorated using materials such as glitter, tiny tumbled stones, paint, dyes and many more.

Making Your Own Bases!

If you are a long term Majestic Quartz customer, you may wish to make these stands for specimens purchased from us prior to us making the stands or crystals purchased from other suppliers. Well, here is how you do it.

1. The modeling clay we use is the DAS brand. DAS may be purchased from most hobby and craft shops. Many toy shops also stock it.

2. Using a knife, cut off a section of the DAS Roll it up into a ball between your hands. Place a piece of plastic cellophane/plastic lunch wrap or equivalent on the ball of DAS This will protect the crystal from the wet DAS saving you the trouble of cleaning the crystal later.

3. Now get the crystal and gently push it into the DAS until it is well supported, it will be necessary to knead the DAS a little around the sides of the crystal.

4. Once you are happy with the stance of the crystal, gently pull it out, remove the plastic from the base and let it dry for a few days, turning it over periodically.

5. Once the base is dry, it may have shrunk just a little. Get a sharp knife and gently carve away any DAS until you are able to sit the crystal in the stand/base.

6. Decorate it if you want to, sit back and enjoy 🌟🌟🌟

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