Moldavite Crystal Specimens for Sale!
Majestic Quartz only stocks the very best GENUINE Moldavite Crystal specimens for sale! Moldavite is a member of the Tektite family. Its formation is amorphous with inclusions, with color ranging from green to brown. 15 Million years ago – a large meteorite hit the region of Bavaria, Germany. It made a crater 15 miles (24 km’s) across! The meteorite shattered, therefore sent melted shards hurtling into the country we know today as the Czech Republic. Thus the melted material traveled at a very high speed and was shaped into the droplet shape we see today. The solidified Moldavites hit the ground and were washed down into the lowland areas where they are now being found. Our Moldavite Crystal specimens for sale come from South Bohemia, gathered by a man of impeccable integrity. He has asked Majestic Quartz through our sister site Crystal Information to bring to peoples attention the fakes abound all over the internet, which we have done. For information regarding Moldavite healing properties, please visit our sister sites Moldavite Healing Properties information page at

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