Miriam/Calligraphy Stone

Miriam/Calligraphy Stone For Sale!
Here at Majestic Quartz, we source on the very best in High Quality Miriam/Calligraphy Stone For Sale from India. It is certainly a stone of many names! It is known as Miriam Stone,Calligraphy Stone, Elephant Skin Jasper, Cobra Jasper and finally (and probably not least) Arabic Stone! We have been selling this fascinating material from India for the past twenty years now, so we do have a lot of experience with it. It was originally a swamp, which got caught between a fold in the Earths tectonic Plates. These plates then rose high into the sky compressing the swamp to form what we all know as the Himalayas! Thus it is easy to see the compressed vegetation and at times, highly valued and sought after bugs! The predominant color of the Miriam/Calligraphy Stone For Sale at Majestic Quartz is a golden yellow, but at times red and green colors can also be found.

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