Key Quartz

Key Quartz Crystals For Sale!
Key Quartz Crystals, also known as Keyhole crystals are crystals that have had another crystal growing from it – usually the side. This crystal has then come away, usually naturally. The hole left behind is normally three to six sided, and have stepped indentations receding into the Mother crystal. These crystals are rare, but can appear in just about any type of flavor Quartz you can think of! Though technically the three sided varieties are considered Key Crystals. However, we here at Majestic Quartz only make mention of a crystal being a Key when it has the six sides clearly showing. We believe one needs the entire Key for the experience to be fully realized! Key crystals are powerful tools for releasing oneself from others control. They also act very much like doorway crystals. One can project their consciousness into the keyhole thus gaining/unlocking the access inside. Astral travel is also a talent Key Quartz crystals possess.

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