Pendant & Earring Sets

Crystal Pendant and Earring Sets For Sale!
We here at Majestic Quartz manufacture our own Crystal Pendant and Earring Sets for sale! We hand select all the crystals we use in this process, then match them up both visually and energetically. Although some are cut and polished, most sets we make – and indeed specialize in is using natural crystals. The only modification we make is to cut, and polish the very bottom of each crystal in order to attach the fittings. We use minimalist Sterling Silver Plated fittings in order to make the star of the show, the crystal itself! No smothering the crystals with wire, or gaudy looking electroplated metals used here! these are super classy crystals, and we strongly feel they should be displayed as such! Crystals are such beautiful and Elegant as created in the Earth, we honor that by using as few modifications as absolutely possible.

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