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Fluorite Clusters

Fluorite Clusters For Sale
Fluorite clusters are a real favorite here at Majestic Quartz, and the large variety of Fluorite Clusters for sale on this page reflects that! We source our Fluorite clusters from locations around the World such as the USA, China, Mongolia, the UK and Africa. They come in a many shades of Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and at times combinations of those colors! Fluorite clusters have a great many formations, from a cubic look, to stepped pyramid like, and even octahedron shaped points! The Fluorite Clusters for sale here at Majestic Quartz are lovingly selected for the very best in color, aesthetics, Formation and condition. Some specimens will have accompanying minerals such as Quartz, and or Calcite. Nearly all these clusters will be self standing and will not require a base. Further reading on the metaphysical properties of Fluorite can be found at our sister site Crystal Information by clicking HERE

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