Fluorite Pendants

Fluorite Pendants For Sale!
Fluorite is a favorite here at Majestic Quartz, so naturally we have a great range of Fluorite Pendants for sale! We make many of the pendants ourselves. Thus we eagerly source the very best right material to us! The fittings we use are Stirling silver as these amazing colorful wonders of the earth deserve the very best! The pendants have minimal fittings as we feel it should always be “all about the crystal”. The Fluorite Pendants for sale include the individual colors of green, purple, blue and yellow. Combinations of these colors is referred to as Rainbow Fluorite. The majority of the Fluorite used in our pendants is sourced from the best country around for rough natural fluorite – China If you would like to learn about the metaphysical properties of Fluorite, feel free to visit our sister site Crystal Information. The link leading straight to the Fluorite information can be found by clicking HERE.

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