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Amethyst Pendants

Amethyst Pendants For Sale!
Majestic Quartz stocks a wide variety of Amethyst Pendants for sale! Many of these pendants will be made from natural unpolished crystals. Sourced from exotic and iconic locations such as Vera Cruz, Mexico – Brandberg, Namibia – Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil and many other exotic and iconic locations. Humankind have been fashioning jewelry from Amethyst for eons. It was the gemstone of royalty and high priests down through the ages until it became more mainstream after the enormous find of gem grade Amethyst at the famous Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil location. Majestic Quartz does stock polished and faceted Amethyst pendants for sale as well. We select only the very best color, clarity and high energy worked amethyst pendants available For healing property information regarding some of the Amethyst varieties we sell – please click on the following links leading to our sister website, Crystal Information. Brandberg Amethyst, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Brazilian Amethyst.

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