Aventurine For Sale
Majestic Quartz takes pride is stocking only the finest Aventurine for sale! We do our best to stock wands, spheres, pyramids points and hearts in Aventurine. Aventurine is of the Quartz Silicates family. Though green is the most common occurring color, it also comes in blue and peach hues. It’s mostly made up of Quartz and Fuchsite, often with Pyrite flecks. It is sold mostly as polished items, rather than in it’s rock like massive form Aventurine is a wonderful crystal to use in manifestation purposes, especially when it comes to prosperity and wealth. It is considered to be one of the “luckiest” stones. This fantastic crystal helps bring about clarity, calm, and intuitive ideas with a lot of creativity! It helps with anxiety, including anxieties caused by repressed childhood trauma. Green Aventurine is extremely useful while working with psychosomatic issues. Aventurine was once very common, but finding good Aventurine for sale is now becoming quite the challenge!

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