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Etched Quartz

Etched Crystals For Sale!

Etched Quartz crystals have fascinating patterns and a special visual and textural language born of mother nature! Very often this etching is caused by water running over the surface . No two etched crystals are the same. The vibration of the water at that time essentially maps out the etchings form and layout. Within the matrix of the etching is vast amounts of information forever stored geometrically authored and engineered by natures pure spirit. Further information on etched quartz can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Etched crystals are fascinating and powerful beings! The etching generally indicates the crystal is jam packed full of information. There are many ways to access this wisdom – though the primary way is to use the etching itself. To do this, get comfortable and hold the crystal in your hands – view the etching as a kind of braille language. Clear your mind, and let your hands gently caress the etching on the crystal as if reading braille. Sometimes your hands appear to take on a life of their own, seemingly moving at random – take this as a sign that you are indeed interacting with and “reading” the crystal. Do not be disillusioned if this process does not occur for you, as you may very well be receiving the information at a subconscious level – for later retrieval by your intuition. Another way to access this information is to simply gaze at/into the etching of the quartz crystal. If your eyes start to drift out of focus, this is a good indication you are interfacing with the crystal and it is passing wisdom across to you.

As mentioned above – etching can occur in many different varieties of Quartz. Etching is a good indication that the particular crystal in question is an ancient and knowledgeable being. As with any elder generation, respect and honor goes along way to the wisdom these light beings are willing to share.

It would be fair to say that Mongolian Quartz and Elestial crystals are the royalty of the Etched Quartz families. Due to their often skeletal layers, Elestial crystals display a breathtaking array of etching. Mongolian Quartz goes another avenue, it has a central core crystal, and has then formed an outer layer of etched quartz!