Kunzite Crystal Specimens For Sale
Majestic Quartz stocks superb Kunzite crystal specimens in all sorts of sizes and colors. We always strive to stock the best in terminated Kunzite specimens! This mineral can be quite sensitive to direct sunlight, so it is recommended one keeps their specimens from being exposed to direct sun. Kunzite is a member of the Silicates family, specifically – The Spodumene family. It comes in beautiful gemmy crystalline form, with color ranging from green to pink. This mineral is often from Afghanistan. Majestic Quartz has a beautiful range of gem grade crystals for sale! While generally pink also comes in a green variety as well. Sometimes in rare occasions specimens can exhibit both green and pink coloring in the same specimen. Recently a violet colored variant has been discovered in Afghanistan. This new find has been termed as Violet Flame” and even has flamed shaped terminations and in some cases is double terminated! For more information regarding this Crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Healing Properties information page at crystal-information.com

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