Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Quartz Crystals For Sale
Majestic Quartz prides itself on the range of beautiful Rainbow Quartz Crystals for sale. Rainbows can form in Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine or Smoky Quartz crystals, and even Rose Quartz. The crystals we have with beautiful rainbows inside them are often created by reflective mirror veils inside. This is a natural phenomenon – we do not put man altered crystals in this category. It is not only quartz crystals that have rainbows inside, many other minerals do as well. Such as Calcite, Apophyllite, Fluorite and many more! At the metaphysical layer, the Rainbow Quartz Crystals for sale here help one to become very creative. They are fantastic to work with when manifesting abundance and beauty into your own as well as friends and families life’s! Read more information and view photos showing Rainbow Quartz Crystals below For information regarding Rainbow Quartz healing properties, please visit our sister sites Rainbow Quartz Healing Properties information page at crystal-information.com

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