Double Terminated

Double Terminated Quartz Crystals For Sale!
Majestic Quartz only stocks the very best in Double Terminated Quartz Crystals for sale! Double Terminated Quartz crystals have a termination (point) at each end of the crystal. These crystals are highly sought after and occur in several different flavors of Quartz. Flavors such as Amethyst, Clear, Smoky, Citrine and included quartz varieties. They can grow independently in or on a Quartz Cluster, or grow as a “floater”. We source our Double Terminated Quartz crystals for sale from locations all over the World. On an energetic level, double terminated quartz crystals can route energy in both directions. They help one to achieve balance in all aspects of ones life. Holding a double terminated Quartz crystal in ones hand, it is quite easy to feel the energy pulsing, as if the crystal itself is a powerful battery! For more information regarding Double Terminated Quartz Crystal healing properties, please visit our sister sites Double Terminated Quartz Properties information page at

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