Arkansas Quartz

Arkansas Quartz Crystals For Sale
With Charlotte being originally from Arkansas, we have a special affinity with Arkansas Quartz and have a great range of crystals for sale! Because we have a close connection with many miners from the area means we can guarantee these crystals have been gathered with the upmost care and respect. Arkansas Quartz is renowned Worldwide for it’s quality – clarity and luster! They run at a very high vibration and are a delight to work with. We gather these special crystals from the Mt Ida region found in the Montgomery County, Arkansas. We mine at several locations in the area, and visit other mines and collectors to seek out the very best specimens to be able to offer to Majestic Quartz customers! Check back often for new stock as we plan to mine every couple on months. For information regarding further healing properties, please visit our sister sites Crystal Healing Properties information page at

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