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Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite For Sale

Majestic Quartz stocks extremely high grade rainbow Fluorite for sale. This amazing crystal is one of the prettiest and brightly colored crystals in the mineral kingdom! Rainbow fluorite is predominantly from China and is a genuine natural crystal. The Rainbow Fluorite for sale at majestic quartz comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Shapes such as Wands, Points, Spheres, Eggs, Palmstones and Jewelry. Colors includes mixes of Green, Purple, Blue and in rare cases pink, yellow and clear! Though there is a lot of rainbow fluorite on the worldwide market, most of it is quite fractured and opaque. Our stock is bright, vivid and very translucent with a bare minimum of internal fissures. We really do stock some of the highest quality Rainbow Fluorite for sale in the World! [do_widget id=woocommerce_price_filter-3]

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This video tutorial covers the crystal healing properties and meaning for the mineral known as Rainbow Fluorite

For metaphysical properties regarding this beautiful variety of Fluorite, please visit our sister site - Crystal Information. Click on this LINK to learn about the healing meaning of Rainbow Fluorite.