What is an Elestial


Elestials are known by many names, such as Crocodile Quartz, Jacare quartz, Skeletal Quartz and others! Here at Majestic Quartz and for the sake of this article we will use to the term “Elestial”.

I have often been asked, what is an Elestial Quartz crystal? How do I tell one from other crystals? What rules and traits do they follow?
I have written this article in an attempt to answer some, but not necessarily all of these questions!

I’m using a lot of photos from the Majestic Quartz archives, rather than having to invent some new words in an attempt to communicate what elestials are all about in written form! (there were over 7000 Elestial photos in the archives!)

There is the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, well, when one works with Elestials they soon find that these special gifts from the angels quickly transcend words.
The 1st rule with Elestials is to throw away the rule book LOL

Most of the Elestials we sell on Majestic Quartz come from Brazil, but from time to time we get them from India, Australia, Africa, U.S.A. and many other locations.

The elestials we get from Brazil are from the Minas gerais area. Minas Gerais is literally a maze of thousands of small mines covering a large area. Elestials come from one main area, or specifically, one large hill! They are found in small to medium sized pockets, all the crystals in each pocket share unique family traits, even if two pockets of elestials are found only a few feet apart, each pocket of crystals will have their own signature traits. As elestials can be so different, while growing physically close to each other, shows how super adaptable and in tune the Elestial is as it evolves, tuned in to the earths vibrations. Elestials help us to adapt to new light codes and to everything else that goes on around us on all the many levels.

Elestial Form

I will cover what will perhaps be the biggest topic of this Article, Elestial form. Elestials can take many forms, check out the sample videos below.

Elestial Form Video Episode 1

Elestial Form Video Episode 2
(over-laid Form)

Elestial Form Video Episode 3

Elestial Form Video Episode 4

Elestial Form Video Episode 5
(Random Growth)

Elestial Form Video Episode 6
(Inclusions & Extrusions)

Elestial Form Video Episode 7