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Cascading/Pineapple/Candlestick Quartz

Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick Quartz Crystals For Sale!
Majestic Quartz stocks the very best Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick Quartz Crystals For Sale. Clearly this is a crystal of many names! They are most often Milky Quartz crystals that have a formation with cascades of crystals running up the sides of the crystal. They can come in single points or in cluster form. We source these wonderful crystals from locations such as Brazil, Madagascar, New Zealand and recently, China. The Chinese Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick variety has been named White Wisdom Quartz and is extremely high grade with amazing luster and incredible form! On the metaphysical level, Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick Quartz Crystals represent flowing abundance, this could be in the form of ideas, creativity and financial benefits! Being Milky Quartz, these crystals are very motherly and nurturing. They are wonderful companions for those who are going through emotional stress. For information regarding Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick Quartz healing properties, please visit our sister sites Pineapple/Cascading/Candlestick Healing Properties information page at

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