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Amethyst Crystals For Sale!Majestic Quartz only selects the very best Amethyst crystals to sell! It is a purple variety of Quartz and is most commonly found in Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia. We only stock examples including rare formations, amazing color, sparkling luster! We select only the very best examples of this amazing crystal from locations all over the World. Including Brandbergs from Namibia, Vera Cruz from Mexico, deep rich flower formations from Uruguay and incredible color clusters from Brazil! This is a key crystal in anyone’s healing kit bag. It has calm soothing and at the same time – uplifting energy! This beautiful crystal is especially good for removing headaches and detoxifying the body. Please note: Amethyst can and does fade when exposed to direct sunlight for sustained periods of time, so in order to avoid this happening it is best to keep these crystals out of constant direct sunlight. In order to find further information regarding this crystals healing properties, please visit our sister sites Healing Properties information page at

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