Hematite Quartz

Hematite Included Quartz For Sale
Top Quality Hematite Included Quartz For Sale At Majestic Quartz! We stock the best in Hematite Included Quartz from Madagascar, Brazil, China and South Africa! Hematite Included Quartz comes in shades of red, pink and orange hues. The Hematite can be found both on the inside, and outside of the crystal depending on the conditions at the time of the crystals growth. At times the internal Hematite inclusions can form in the shape of a Phantom! On an energetic level, Hematite Included quartz combines the energy of Hematite with Quartz making for a very creative, energetic grounded energy! It helps give one raw physical energy. It helps one apply this energy in a very grounded and balanced fashion. This crystal helps greatly with any projects one may be undertaking at any given time.

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