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Arkansas Quartz Points

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points For Sale!
The Arkansas Quartz Points for sale at Majestic Quartz are top quality specimens! You will find these high quality crystals right from small to very, very large! We do mine our own crystals and you will find those for sale in this section. We also hand pick crystals from other mines and miners in order to be able to offer a greater range of top Quality Arkansas Quartz crystal points. Our selection ranges from Milky right through to water clear crystals – all in top condition! On occasion we also stock the rarer Blue Phantom Quartz crystals from Arkansas. These crystals have inclusions of steel blue/grey Manganese and Shale inside the crystal itself – often in the form of a Phantom! Arkansas Quartz points are known Worldwide for their clarity, luster and overall quality! Most of the Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points For Sale here at Majestic quartz are sourced from Montgomery County, Mount Ida Region, Arkansas. For information regarding further healing properties, please visit our sister sites Crystal Healing Properties information page for Arkansas Quartz at

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